The OneStock Platform

One interface to rule them all!

Well, it's not going to give you the powers of Frodo's ring, but here at UniVentory, we try our best to let you be the lord of your business. You might have an order management system, a thorough inventory tracking, an online listing tool that helps you with eBay or Amazon, and then a couple shipping/labeling solutions. But making all these communicate with each other seamlessly shouldn't give you headaches. OneStock combines all these solutions under one unified platform where each and every module is properly integrated into the system.

OneStock is built upon a robust client-server application architecture. The server is composed of various modules on top of a core database infrastructure. OneStock Server sits at the center of this platform, being a gateway between the database and third party systems such as eBay, Amazon, FedEx and many others. OneStock users deal with only one interface, leaving the rest to be handled with OneStock Server.

OneStock Platform

This gives you the ability to control all your operations in a unified manner. Change a product's price in one place and let OneStock update it on all marketplaces you put it on sale, including your own web site/online store. Add a new item to your inventory and put it on sale practically in seconds on every marketplace you operate. Update your listings' pictures instantly by just dragging and dropping new photos to your OneStock product window.

You never have to deal with different interfaces for orders, their address information, shipping methods and the rest. OneStock automatically fetches each and every sold item's information and buyer details and brings them before you, without even having you to touch a button to refresh. Automatically print USPS, FedEx and UPS shipping labels right from within OneStock to your label printer. Basically all you have to do is pack the item and wait for the pick up.